Share a FASmail calendar

You can share your FASmail User calendar, to another FASmail User account holder (e.g. A faculty member shares their calendar, so that administrative staff can update their schedule).  You must have your FASmail user account setup in Microsoft Outlook, to turn on sharing.

Sharing from within Outlook 2010 (Outlook 2013 is similar)

  1. Start Outlook, logon with your CWL and view the calendar that you want to share, then click Calendar Permissions
  2. In the “Calendar Properties” window, select the “Permission Level” that you want to give the other FASmail User. In the case of an assistant, “Author” is frequently a good choice. It allows them to read your own calendar, add items, edit or delete their added items. You can also manually set their Read, Write and Delete settings.
  3. Click OK, to save and let the user you shared to know that they now have access to your calendar.

Viewing a Shared Calendar from within OWA (Webmail)

  1. Browse to and login with your FASmail/CWL account
  2. Click the Calendar category, on the left.
  3. Above your calendar, click Share, then Add Calendar…
  4. In the “Add Calendar” window, enter the name of the person, who’s calendar you want to view and click OK.