Connecting to your office computer, from elsewhere.

Department members, who have a supported Windows computer, on the Psychiatry wired network can connect to it from many other locations, just like you are sitting in front of it.  It is possible to connect from computers on UBC networks, including UBC Wireless, home computers and other locations.

Note: Remote connection to UBC computers, from hospital computers, may not be possible, due to hospital network security restrictions.

Preparation at the office

  1. Request approval, for remote access to your office computer, from your supervisor.
  2. When in your office, note your computer’s asset number, from it’s label and contact with your;
    • computer asset number
    • logon account name
  3. Leave your office computer running.

Psychiatry IT will set it up and provide you with further instructions.

Password changing

To change your computer password, on an office computer that you are remotely connected to, use the Ctrl-Alt-End key combination.  Ctrl-Alt-Del only works on the computer that you are physically in front of.

Using multiple monitors at home

If you would like to use more than one monitor at home, during a remote desktop connection, please see this video for instructions.