Fax from my computer

Supported computer users in the David Strangway building and the Gordon & Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre can send faxes, without printing them first.

You can use the Xerox copier as a walk up fax machine, but if you don’t need to keep a printed copy of the fax, you can send it directly from your computers to the Xerox and save some trees.  Either way, enter “9” as the first digit of the fax number, when faxing outside.


Xerox direct faxIn “Printing Preferences”, you select “Fax”, then enter recipient’s names and numbers.

Under “Services” option, Select Fax from the touch screenXerox fax walkup 1

Enter the unique accounting code that was assigned to you and enter “OK”Xerox fax walkup 2

Enter the outgoing fax number (please enter 9 before the number). Select “Add” and hit “Start” (next to the keypad)Xerox fax walkup 3