Buying, Moving, and Disposing


We have specific policies about the hardware and software allowed on the Department computer systems. Please consult with Psychiatry IT staff, before purchasing new computer hardware or  software, from other sources.

We have had standardised desktop and notebook computer models in the department of Psychiatry since March 2004. Having standards for computers is the accepted and standard practice in organizations as it has proven to be much more cost efficient in a number of ways. This practice allows IT Departments to provide more efficient support to large numbers of computers because IT technical staff then become very familiar with specific models and can therefore prepare, patch, secure, repair and restore failed systems faster. In addition, purchasing through a preferred vendor allows for better negotiated pricing and systems that arrive with formatting that requires considerably less hours of set up time to add the computers to the secured network.

While we prefer that all computers are bought through the Department’s IT, it is possible for non-standard computers to be added to the Department network and IT support list. However, there is additional preparation time required for non-standard computers before they can be added to the network. Therefore, the following charges will be applied to any computers that have not been purchased through the Department IT :

  • You will be charged for 3-4 hours of extra labour, above what it usually takes to prepare a standard model, at a rate equal to what the Department pays IT contractors when additional help is needed ($48/hr)
  • If the Department IT needs to use the manufacturers retail/consumer warranty support, will be charged for the additional “hold” time, at the $48/hr rate
  • You will be invoiced for the cost of a mandatory management software license ($88 at Jan 2021). This software is included in the pricing of the standard models ordered through the Department IT

Faculty who are newly hired and arrive with their existing computer equipment, will only be charged the management software license fee to have their existing computer added to the Department computer network and support list.

There are several reasons the Department IT doesn’t buy the apparently cheaper retail computers from “big box” stores who sell computers at what seems to be a great price. The reasons for this include:

  • Retail stores sell a lot of end-of-production computers, so can’t provide us with the same model twice, which means we can’t clone computer setups, resulting in an additional 3-4 hours preparation time for the computer, including the following steps:
    • Retail computers generally come with a consumer version of Windows, which won’t work on the Department’s Windows server domain. Upgrading Windows often requires formatting the hard drive and installing everything from scratch, which may also void your warranty.
    • Most retail models are also sold with a lot of trial software, much of which is insecure, which then needs to be removed.
    • Retail computers only get access to the manufacturer’s consumer support channels, rather than corporate support channels, which can add up to a lot of time on hold, when warranty service is required.
    • Corporate/professional computer models, particularly laptops, cost a little more, but the expense is more than made up for because they have less hardware problems, support is easier to get and they have a longer working life.
  • The Department IT requires management software be installed to maintain all the computers. The cost of the management software is built into the price of the Department standard models. Non-standard computers are charged for this software.
Self-supported departmental computer purchases

For self-supported (maintenance is up to you) computers, you can order yourself, or we can assist you. If you buy the computer yourself, you must supply us with a copy of the invoice, showing UBC ownership, before we will install UBC site licensed software.

Moving Computers

Certain settings on your computer (besides your user name and password) and network port, identify it to the network and server. If you are moving, connecting or switching computers, please contact Psychiatry IT, in advance, to have the settings changed.


Disposal of computers must comply with UBC policy. When computers are being discarded or sold, please ship them to Psychiatry IT so that we can uninstall UBC licensed software, remove confidential data (It’s not just in “My Documents”.) and remove the computer from our inventory.