Cellular Phones

Selecting a cellular telephone

Do you want a simple cell phone or a Smart phone?

  • Simple cell phone will be smaller and have longer battery life.
  • Smart phone integrates cell phone, calendar, calculator (sometimes camera, internet access and music) into one device.
    Exchange can be configured to synchronize with Blackberry (additional Exchange BES account required) or iPhone.

iPhone or Blackberry?

 Features iPhone  Blackberry 
WiFi (Internet, without data plan)  Yes  Some models 
User removable/replaceable battery No  Most models
Third party applications  Many  Few 
Pictures  Well implemented  Some models (is slow) 
E-mail  Yes (Exchange, without BES account) Yes (Exchange users, see below ) 
Ease of use  Yes yes
Calendar  Yes Yes (some prefer the layout) 
Contacts Yes Yes
Web browsing Yes (better browser)  Yes (note: most BB models don’t have WiFi, so incur larger data charges)
Performance/freezing  Best  May need occasional rebooting

Blackberry smartphones must have a carrier (phone company) account that is “Blackberry Enterprise e-mail Service” capable and in addition you must pay a one time UBC BES $100 licensing fee.


Most cell phone vendors offer UBC special pricing. They don’t care if you or UBC will be paying the bill.

Canadian carrier coverage maps can be found here.