Security Updates

All computers must be connected to our wired network, logged on and all pending updates accepted, at least monthly. If your computer is connected to our network infrequently, like some laptops are, please add a monthly reminder, to your schedule.  It may take a few computer restarts and acceptances of the patches, before they are all completed.  If you fail to do so, the status of your computer will become “SelfSupported” and you will no-longer have access to P:, M: or N: drives, networked printers or our other services. We will not support your computer again, until it has undergone a rigorous security check.

In the interest of energy saving and completion of these important security patches, we recommend that you shutdown or restart your computer weekly.

Windows Computers

Windows/Microsoft Update

Your Windows computer will check the Microsoft Update web site, for Microsoft security patches, on it’s own. If there are any patches, they will be installed in the early morning or the next time your computer is turned on.  Installation of these security patches may reboot your computer, to complete their installation, so please close files and programs, before leaving your computer.

Other Software Updates

We also use computer management systems to identify, distribute, upgrade and apply security updates to your computer.  Most of these updates will install without disturbing your work.  Occasionally you will be prompted to close software and even restart your computer, to complete the update installation.