Information Technology

Psychiatry IT provides support to over 140 University owned computers and their users (Nov 2019) on the Psychiatry network.  We also assist all department members with finding computing resources that match their needs and situation.

Please see the menus for commonly requested information or contact us if you can’t find what you need.

Psychiatry IT Service bulletins

Diamond Health Sciences Centre and David Strangway Building networking – Date Posted: April 11, 2010
After Saturday’s network migration, by the Faculty of Medicine IT department, members of Psychiatry, in Strangway and Diamond buildings continue to have some networking difficulties. At this point; * we are unable to remotely connect to diagnose and resolve individual issues * print jobs, which pass through our servers, before being sent to your local […]

Interchange E-mail – Date Posted: February 17, 2010
Currently there is a delay in sending email via UBC Interchange email server. We have informed UBC IT and created a service ticket on this. Resolved: 2010.02.17 9:30AM