Macintosh Computer Security Landscape

Apple computers are growing in popularity. Simultaneously, the overall Internet security environment has become less friendly. Cyber-attacks have, for years, been more about social engineering, than a direct attack on your computer. Non-internet scams have always been with us, but these days we also face a, daily onslaught of Internet-based scams. The technical security of your computer isn’t the most important factor—but your Mac is still the target.

For UBC, the primary source of viruses, is from our Department members personal/home computers. It arrives, in Psychiatry, on USB Flash Drives.

We would like to remind you of the importance of regular (at least monthly) Security updates to your personal/home computers. The big four, to keep up to date are;

  1. Web browsers (Firefox, Google)
  2. Java (Best not to install, but if you must use it, only enable it in a non-default web browser.)
  3. Adobe Flash Player
  4. Your operating system (OS X/MacOS)

Whether you use a Mac or PC, as a member of UBC, you can get a free copy of Sophos Antivirus.