Video Conferencing

In December 2013, the Detwiller 1C13 videoconferencing system underwent a major upgrade, funded by the Department.  It is now a fully supported Faculty of Medicine VC facility, capable of connecting to;

  • UBC Faculty of Medicine videoconferencing locations across the province – see
  • BC Health Authorities videoconference locations across the province (BC Hospitals)
  • UBC ‘TEL’ bridge and PHSA bridge, to connect to other sites that use ISDN, rather than IP videoconferencing.
  • Many private practice offices with VC systems and VC end points outside of BC (requires pre-test).
  • Users of VCH and UBC desktop videoconferencing (MOVI) users (must be on the same bridge).

Convenience feature of the room include;

  • Wired networking for VCH computers (black network cable)
  • Wired networking for supported UBC Psychiatry computers (PSYT)
  • Wired networking for users with UBC CWL accounts (IAPV2)
  • Wireless networking for users with UBC CWL accounts (SSID is “UBC Secure”)
  • VGA and mini-phone audio cables for presentation laptop
  • Cordless telephone (top of the equipment rack)

Booking the room

Please make bookings at least 3 days in advance.

  • Video-conference events = Submit a Room Request Form by following steps 1 & 2 at:
  • Non-video-conference events for UBC Psychiatry can be booked at Room and Audio-Visual Bookings.
  • Non-video-conference events for VCH and the BC Neuropsychiatry program should be booked through BCNP at 604-822-9758
  • NOTE: Video-conferenced events will take precedence over non-video-conference events.


  1. Turn on the power, with the push button on the Extron switch, in the equipment rack.  It takes about one minute for the video projectors to warm up.

    VC Power circled

    Equipment rack

  2. Connect your presentation laptop with the VGA cable, hanging on the side of the equipment rack.
    1. Option: Connect the audio output cable, so the remote site can hear your computer’s audio.
    2. Option: Connect to the wired or wireless network.

      Presenters laptop cable includes VGA, miniphone audio and several networks

      Presenters laptop cables

  3. The speakers confidence monitor (high on the West wall), should be turned on, if it’s not already on.
  4. Get the microphone(s) out of the top of the equipment rack.
    1. Place the triangular table microphone in the middle of the table, if you want your local audience members to be heard at the remote site(s).
    2. If you are presenting, put on the over-the-ear microphone, on you left ear and hold down its power button (top edge), to turn it on.
  5. The VC session will automatically dial and connect at the time scheduled in your booking.
  6. If you can’t hear people at the remote site, check that the volume is turned up, on the Extron switch.

During your session

  • All sites will be shown on the left screen.

    VC remote

    VC remote

  • Your presentation camera, will be shown on the right screen.
  • Pressing the mute button on the triangular table microphone, will mute all audio output, from the VC room.
  • Pressing the power button, on the over-the-ear microphone, will just mute the over-the-ear microphone.  Green light = live.  Orange light = muted.
  • Pressing the camera button, on the VC remote, allows you to output either the local audience or local presenter, to the remote site(s).
  • When a presentation computer is connected, it’s output will show on the right screen and be sent to the remote site.  If you want to show the output of your local audience camera, press the “content” button, on the VC remote control.
  • Your local speaker should look at the East wall mounted “confidence” monitor, when addressing the remote site.  The camera is next to the monitor.
  • Call 1-877-266-0555 and press 2 for support.

Shutting down

  1. The session will end (hang-up), at the scheduled time.  You can end the session early by pressing the “hang-up” button on the VC remote.
  2. Hold the power button on the over-the-ear microphone, to turn it off.
  3. Put the two microphones back in the equipment rack.
  4. Turn off the power, with the push button on the Extron switch, in the equipment rack.
  5. Coil up the computer video (VGA) cable, on the side of the equipment rack.
  6. Turn out the lights and make sure the room is locked.