IT Support Structure

Most of the Department’s activities are dependent on properly functioning computer systems, so our IT systems are designed for maximum dependability at minimum price.  In broad terms, computer support is provided in the Department by three separate groups and coordinated groups at the University:

    • The University IT is responsible for enterprise wide infrastructure (internet connectivity for the University to the internet), support for their enterprise wide computer systems (i.e. OneDrive, Teams, mass storage and FASmail e-mail, CWL, etc.).  They provide support for specific UBC shared systems, but no desktop user support for non-UBC wide systems.
    • The Faculty of Medicine (FoM) IT is responsible for Faculty wide infrastructure (connectivity from FoM central points to the University central), support to faculty wide supported systems (i.e. video conferencing at the various FoM sites, etc.), support to the Dean’s office at the various locations and expanded medical school sites, etc. and contracted support to some Departments, research groups and individual researchers who pay for this support under a contract with the FoM to provide this service .
    • The Department of Psychiatry IT is responsible for computers on the Department’s secured network which extends to 6 locations (Detwiller, Purdy, Koerner, Centre for Brain Health, David Strangway and Diamond Centre buildings), and support that includes:
      • The Department’s connection to the Faculty of Medicine and University central systems ( web site, internet access, shared file storage, backup and archiving)
      • Coordination of UBC IT and Faculty of Medicine IT projects within the Department (i.e. FASmail, web sites, CLF, videoconfrencing, cabling installations and upgrades, etc.)
      • Desktop computer support including hardware and software issues, users of the Department’s wired network.
      • Department network security (malware protection, security updates, account and access management, client education)
      • Audio/Visual equipment purchase and servicing.
      • IT planning and inventory (computer standards, software updates, system installation/reallocation/disposal, user data migration, cost reductions, inventory, license agreements, temporary staff contracting)
      • User level support to address departmental website issues and to assist all department members with finding computing resources and solutions that match their needs and situation

Service Level Policy

The intent of this policy is to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of administrative information systems and data. Furthermore, this policy is intended to prevent unauthorized access or use of administrative information systems and data and to reduce the risk of loss, whether by accidental or intentional modification or destruction.

This policy applies to all computing equipment connected to the Department of Psychiatry Network, which currently extends to the following areas:

Point Grey Campus

  • Detwiller Pavilion
  • Koerner Pavilion (North part of floor S)
  • Purdy Pavilion (ground floor)
  • David Strangway Building (4th floor)
  • Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health

Vancouver General Hospital Campus

  • Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre (11th floor)

The Department of Psychiatry Network does not currently extend to;

  • Your home
  • Children and Women's Hospital
  • Vancouver General Hospital (except DHCC)
  • Private offices

UBC policy and Provincial law require computers to be configured and maintained in a secure manner. Computers supported by Psychiatry IT meet these requirements. Secure configuration and maintenance take time that lab members have difficulty taking, so it is easy for self-supported computers to be vulnerable to hackers.

Requirements for supported computers

  • Computer storage must be formatted, then have Windows and all applications installed by Psychiatry IT staff.
  • All software license documentation must be provided and risky software may not be permitted.
  • Computer must be connected to the Psychiatry wired network, at least monthly, for software updates and inventory.
  • Computer management software must be purchased and installed.

Psychiatry IT may charge labour to change a self-supported computer to supported status.

Outside computers
Please see our page about buying and disposing of computers, before you make a purchase.

Administration of own computer (incl. ability to install software)

  • Self Supported: Yes
  • Supported: No

Operating systems

Academic software licensing program, including SPSS, Microsoft Office and Adobe products.

  • Self Supported: No, however Psychiatry IT will act as your liaison with the UBC Site Licensing office.
  • Supported: Yes

Technical Support

  • Self Supported: For computers in our supported buildings (see Scope, above), Psychiatry IT will assist with initial wired network connectivity.  Please contact your choice of contractor (MSP), for other security and technical support.
  • Supported: Yes

Shared networked printers (per page charges may apply)

  • Self Supported: No
  • Supported: Yes, on wired network.

Anti-malware software

  • SelfSupported: Please see for requirements and  recommendations.
  • Supported: Centrally managed and monitored anti-malware is provided.

Access to department shared file storage (e.g P:, M: and N: drives)

  • Self-Supported: No
  • Supported: Yes, on wired network

Access to the Internet

Please contact UBC IT for Wireless network issues.

  • Self-Supported: For computers in our supported buildings (see Scope, above), Psychiatry IT will assist with initial wired network connectivity.
  • Supported: Yes

Firewall protection

  • Self-Supported: No
  • Supported: Yes