JAN – MAR 2011

Department of Psychiatry’s Communications Bulletins

 March 28, 2011
FoM Weekly Announcements and Funding Opportunities
 [Head’s Announcement] Federal Government’s Budget Announcement of  Brain Research Funding
 [Announcement] Fee for annual ethics approval for privately sponsored (industry funded) research studies
 [Employment Opportunity] Physician Posting  Application Deadline  April 1
 [Employment Opportunity] Post-doctoral Research Fellowship Opportunity – Eating Disorders Program
 [Call for Applications] CSCI Resident Research Prize Competition  Deadline  May 15
[Call for Applications] Specialist Physician Scholarship
[Conference] IMHP April 2011 National Conference
 April 14 & 15
 [Conference] 2011 Journal of Ethics in Mental Health Conference  May 12, 13 &14
 [Event] Information session – BCCWH site redevelopment project  April 13
 [Event] Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds   April 1, 8, 15 & 29
 March 21, 2011
 FoM -Weekly Announcements and Funding Opportunities
[Memo] Research subjects payments policy
[Announcement] CREST.BD Announces Spring 2011 Community Consultation Events
 Human Resources Announcements
 Support for Staff & Faculty Affected by Japan Disaster
[Finance] Faculty Pension Plan Open House  May 25, 2011
[Finance] Staff Pension Plan 101 Info Session  March 30, 2011
 University Wide Orientation  March 23, 2011
 [Finance]Benefits FYI 2011 Edition
 Leave for Change Participants Blogging
Update you Email Campaign
 MOST Workshop: Appreciative Inquiry April 1, 2011
 New Online CAUBO Course for Managers and Administrators May 11-June 8 2011
 Re-Use it – Pilot Program
 [Job Opportunity]  Medical Coordinator – Older Adult Intensive Support
 [Job Opportunity] Program Psychiatrist – Older Adult Intensive Support
 March 17, 2011
 FoM- Weekly Announcements and Funding Opportunities  Mar 7 -11, 2011
 FoM – Weekly Announcements and Funding Opportunities  Feb 28 – Mar3
UBC Clinician Investigator Program – Congratulations to Fidel Vila-Rodriguez
 [Job Opportunity] PHC Geriatric Psychiatry Position
UBC Brain Talk Placebo, Parkinson’s, Pain and PET: a neuroimaging perspective.
 Mar 24, 2011
Stress and Depression Check Up
 Administration Contact List
 IT Tip
March 03, 2011
FOM Weekly Funding Opportunities Feb 21 – 25 2011
The Link – March 2011 March 2011
BCCA Leadership Announcement  Feb. 24 2011
:[Job Opportunity]  Addiction & Pain Medicine Physician Posting CDRT Application Deadline March 11, 2011
[Call for Applications] Coast Capital Savings Depression Research Grants Application Deadline March 17, 2011
February 22, 2011
FoM: Weekly Announcements and Funding Opportunities FEB 14-18
Neuroscience Research Colloquia MAR 2
[Call for Applications]Faculty Development Initiatives Grant, 2011 Application Deadline APR 29
[Finance] 2010 T4 and T4A statements now available
[Job Opportunity] BCMHA Psychiatry
February 14, 2011
FoM: Weekly Announcements and Funding Opportunities FEB 7-11
[Final Reminder] “Lost in Translation 2011” – Spaces are still available! FEB 15-17
[Conference] Clinical Neuroscience 2011 APR 8
[Health Forum] iCON: Chinese Health Forum MAR 5
[Job Opportunity] VCH-PHC Neuropsychiatry Program at Alder
Neuropsychiatrist for Adult Neuropsychiatry Program
Application Deadline FEB 18
[UBC IT Voice Services] Update on UBC Teleconferencing
[IT] Secure Web Transactions
[Facility Maintenance] Detwiller Elevator Painting Schedule FEB 14-16
February 8, 2011
FoM: Weekly Announcements and Funding Opportunities JAN 31 – FEB 4
FoM: Weekly Announcements and Funding Opportunities JAN 24-28
FoM: The Link Bulletin FEB 2011
[Memo from the Dean] New appointment for Dr. Katherine Paton FEB 2
[Memo from the Dean] Federal Lobbying Compliance Act Deadline FEB 24
[UBC Reports] Dr. Craig Lab in the News Released FEB 4
[Finance] 2011 Year End Timelines Deadline MAR 11
[Announcement] Detwiller Pavilion 2nd Floor Hospital Unit “Forest Edge” is Now Completed!
Released FEB 2
FEB 17
[Rounds] Teaching Grand Rounds FEB 2011
[Physician Job Postings] Vancouver Community Health
1. Team Psychiatrist – Kitsilano
2. Team Psychiatrist – Midtown
3. Team Psychiatrist – West End Mental Health Team
Deadline FEB 18
[Job Opportunity] Head, Department of Surgery Review Begins MAR 15
[Job Opportunity]  GPOT – Part time Psychiatrist
New Procedures for Self-Supported Videoconferencing
[Event] ‘Frames of Mind’ Screening: “The Game of Death” FEB 16
January 28, 2011
[Memo from the Dean] Acting Director of IMH – Dr. A. Zis Released JAN 24
[Reminder] “Lost in Translation 2011” – Spaces are still available! FEB 15-17
2011 March CIHR Operating Grant procedures Internal
FEB 16
Notices for GFT and Clinical Faculty Members
RCPSC: 2011 Academic Certification Internal Deadline FEB 21
January 21, 2011
FoM: Weekly Announcements and Funding Opportunities JAN 17-21
FoM: Weekly Announcements and Funding Opportunities JAN 10-14
[Talk] UBC Science Week 2011 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Patrick McGeer JAN 24*
[Call for Applications] MSFHR Career Investigator Program 2010-11 Procedures and Deadlines – FOR ALL APPLICANTS Deadline FEB 9
January 14, 2011                                                   
FoM: Weekly Announcements and Funding Opportunities JAN 4-7
[UBC Media] UBC-Vancouver Coastal Health researchers find critical link between Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s Disease Released JAN 12
MSFHR President’s Quarterly Report January 2011
[Reminder] Call for Nominations: 2010-2011 Faculty of Medicine Awards Deadlines JAN 28 – MAR 11
[Call for Nominations] 2011 LifeSciences BC Awards APR 14
[Memo] Benefits for Postdoctoral Fellows Released JAN 10
[Job Opportunity] Psychiatrist at Concurrent Disorders Intervention Unit, VGH Released JAN 11
[Health] Stress and Depression Checkup – free and open online 24/7
January 7, 2011                                                               
FoM: Weekly Announcements and Funding Opportunities DEC 20-24, 2010
FoM: The Link Bulletin January 2011
[Newsletter] Public Spaces, Composting & Community January 2011
[Call for Abstracts] The Canadian Geriatrics Society 31st Annual Scientific Meeting Submission DeadlineEarly Bird Deadline

JAN 15

JAN 31

[Grand Rounds]
Department Teaching Hospital’s Grand Rounds:
Working with Pathological Narcissism
Using NNT To Interpret Schizophrenia Effectiveness Trials
Vancouver First Housing, First ACT Teams: One Year Later, Sharing our Successes
JAN 19
JAN 21

JAN 28

[Position Opportunity] Head, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy Review Begins FEB 15
[Event] ‘Frames of Mind’ Screening: “Marwencol” JAN 19