20110902 CIHR Operating Grant application procedures and deadline

This is a reminder for your CIHR Operating Grant application procedures and deadline:


Department Deadline: Thursday, September 1, 2011

– You can continue to work on your research proposal on ResearchNet while your documents are waiting for Department and Faculty signatures.

– Your application should be submitted on ResearchNet by Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

UBC/FOM’s CIHR Operating Grants procedures and deadlines:

For the September CIHR Operating Grant competition, the Faculty of Medicine (FoM) has agreed with the Office of Research Services (ORS) on the following procedures/timelines:

  1. Your application package must be submitted to the Dean’s Office or affiliated hospital research office by Friday, September 9th, 2011 for Faculty approval. You have the option of dropping off a paper copy or emailing it to the Faculty signature contact for your site. See below for a complete list of the required items.
  2. Your documents will be printed (if necessary) and after Faculty approval, taken to ORS.
  3. Your electronic copy must be submitted via ResearchNet no later than Wednesday, September 14, 2011 (this allows you to continue working on the scientific portion of your grant after you have submitted your paper copy until you submit electronically through ResearchNet on or before September 14th).
  4. ORS will electronically approve your application via ResearchNet for submission to CIHR.

Please remember that in addition to Point Grey Campus, Faculty approval can be obtained from the Associate Deans of Research at other hospital sites (VCHRI, PCHRI, CFRI, and BCCRC) as well.

If you cannot meet the September 14th deadline for ResearchNet e-submission, ORS will accept your e-submission on ResearchNet up until 10 am on Thursday, September 15, 2011 provided that:

a) Required documents were approved by FoM and submitted to ORS

b) Application is complete, including all signature from UBC co-applicants and co-applicants from other institutions

Required Documents to be submitted to the FoM:

  1. Completed FoM Grant Application Cover Sheet, including signatures of the Principal Investigator and Department Head
  2. CIHR Application Details pages 1 & 2 (download from ResearchNet under “Preview Application Materials”).
    NOTE: It has come to our attention that some applicants are selecting various sites, departments, etc for the Institution Paid question on the Application Details. In the “Institution Paid” field, it is critical that you select the UBC code, “CAAA” from the dropdown list to ensure your application is routed to UBC ORS for approval.
  3. CIHR signature pages, including:
    1. Routing slip
    2. Signature page for co-applicants (if applicable). The nominated principal applicant does not need to sign on the CIHR signature pages.
      NOTE: CIHR requires all signature pages to be scanned and uploaded to ResearchNet. As a result, any/all signatures can be faxed, photocopied, or stamped.
    3. Institution signature page – ORS will approve on ResearchNet, so this page will not be signed and returned to you
  1. Summary of research proposal page
  2. “Application for Funding – Budget” pages from CIHR, and budget justification
  3. In the case of cooperative projects, letters of support or commitment from collaborating companies or institutions
  4. If your application involves an industry collaborator, a complete copy of the application is required

For more information regarding this procedure, please visit the FoM website, or the ORS website.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Department contact: Vicky Yau – 604-822-7315, email: vicky.yau@ubc.ca or

FoM contact: Bryan Wong – 604-822-7207, email: bwong@medd.med.ubc.ca) or

ORS contact: Lily Liew – 604-822-8581, email: lily.liew@ors.ubc.ca

Please note that the application process for the CIHR New Investigator award, available at this link, differs from the information posted above. Researchers are encouraged to contact Bryan Wong directly if they have any additional questions about the New Investigator award.