20110930 Message from Psychiatry UGE

Message from Psychiatry Undergraduate Education Program Manager Kevin Jones.

I would like to announce that Undergraduate Program Assistant Monique Sunderland will be taking her maternity leave from October 7, 2011 until November 5, 2012. Monique’s last day is October 7 if anyone would like to stop by the office to say their goodbyes in person and to meet Sarah Maier. Sarah will be covering for Monique as Program Assistant during this period. In the duration I will miss working with Monique and look forward to meeting the next little Sunderland and playmate for Nicolas. Also, please join me in welcoming Sarah to the gang in the Undergraduate Program. As of the morning of October 7, 2011, all emails to Monique Sunderland will be redirected to Sarah`s email sarah.maier@ubc.ca. Sarah will be using Monique’s office phone number 604-875-4111 xt 68108 and the mailing address at Diamond will remain the same. Please make sure to take note of this in your contact information.