20111014 VGH Educational Rounds

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to invite you to present at VGH Educational Rounds over the
course of the coming year. This will give you the opportunity to obtain
necessary credits for the RCPSC MOC Program.
You may be aware that the Royal College has changed the requirements of the
Maintenance of Certification Program: It is no longer possible to meet the
requirements for MOC solely by attending lectures. Presenting a formal
rounds will enable you to obtain a significant number of section 2 credits
(I estimate more than 20) for a single presentation.
If there is insufficient interest I will revert to the format used 2 years
ago, wherein division heads will nominate staff to present. Previously this
led to the heads doing the presentations personally. My preference is for
participation to be shared more equitably.

All those interested in presenting are welcome to e-mail me directly at:


Thank you for your interest and collaboration.
Stephen Schertzer