20111118 Staff Vacation and Sick Time Management

Dear Department Members,

With the end of 2011 quickly approaching, it is an appropriate time to address vacation and sick time management. Employees are allowed to carry over a maximum of two weeks’ vacation into 2012. As you may be aware, each working unit/lab is responsible for tracking their own employees’ leaves.

The department has developed a template spreadsheet and leave request form for tracking employee leaves including information on how to calculate vacation and sick time accrual for different employee groups. If you are responsible for tracking leaves and would like a copy of the template and form, please contact Christine Niven at christine.niven@ubc.ca .

If you have other questions relating to leave management, please contact Christine via email or phone for assistance.

Christine Niven
Human Resources Assistant
Department of Psychiatry | UBC
2255 Wesbrook Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 2A1
Ph: 604-822-7610