20111209 UBC Voicemail Migration

Important Message from UBC Voice IT: Voicemail Migration – Psychiatry

Migration of voicemail to new Exchange 2010 Voice Mail system

The voicemail system at UBC is being replaced. The new voice mail system isn’t very different from the existing system as far as functionality. If you listen to the menu prompts you will be able to navigate through the system.

The attached document provides all of the commonly used prompts so you can refer to that document if you are trying to figure out how to do something. This information will also be on the UBC IT website.

The schedule for Psychiatry voicemail migration will be:

13 December 2011

· UBC IT will create the new mailboxes and send out new PIN’s with instructions to users. At this point users can dial 2-2010 and go through the process of setting up their mailbox.

15 December 2011

· UBC IT will change the pilot number on all phone sets to direct voice mail traffic to the new mailboxes. (with this step we are basically directing calls to 2-2010 instead of 2-2525 when the staff is not available to answer the phone)

29 December 2011

· UBC IT will remove old mailboxes from the OCTEL system.

· Between 15 December and 29 December you will be able to dial 2-2525 to access old, saved messages if you need to. If you don’t have any messages and would like have the old mailbox removed earlier please email voice-services@it.ubc.ca and Voice Services will take it out.

If you have any questions or concerns about this migration please contact UBC Voice Mail Upgrade Project Team at email ubcuit-g-umproject@mail.ubc.ca