20111216 Liability and Notice Periods for Staff Members

Notice to Supervisors: Be Aware of Your Liability for Notice Periods for your Staff Members

UBC research staff who are hired for specific terms are entitled to paid notice when you decide to let the appointment end for business reasons. This is usually served while working. Up until 3 years, it’s one month’s notice. However, once an employee has passed 3 years of continuous service at UBC (regardless of whether they’ve changed jobs in that time) they have the same rights as an ongoing permanent employee. That means you will owe them one month’s paid notice for each year of service at UBC even if you decide to end the appointment at the end of their current appointment term.

Don’t be caught unprepared. It’s the supervisor’s responsibility to reserve adequate funding to cover the notice period you owe your employees. It’s important that you plan for this, both in terms of timing and funding availability. For example, if you are ending the employment of someone in 2012 who has worked for you since 2004, that’s 8 years, so 8 months of paid notice time.

Please contact the department HR Manager if you have a staff member whom you don’t plan to renew, so that we can work with you on this in advance to minimize financial concerns for you and transition issues for your staff member.