Announcement Final FASmail Steps

Final Steps for FASmail Migration

I’m happy to report that the migration of Psychiatry’s eligible Interchange accounts to FASmail, has been completed. It’s been a very busy few months for Allan Kwan and myself, but we are beginning to catch-up on other IT issues now.

For those of you that use an e-mail client (Outlook or Entourage), on your computer, the instructions to this point were to reconfigure your e-mail client from the Interchange server to the FASmail server. In order to take full advantage (definitely worth it!) of the FASmail system and see the same e-mail, contacts and calendar from everywhere, it is necessary to switch your e-mail client from the POP e-mail protocol, to the Exchange e-mail protocol. We have posted those instructions at

Over the next couple of months, we will also be migrating our Exchange 2007 (e.g.; e-mail accounts to FASmail, but that is a much smaller project.

Thank you for your patience, during this very busy time.

Colin Bryant
Computer System Coordinator
University of BC, Dept. of Psychiatry
Tel: 604-822-7374

IT Support Desk;

Please include your computer’s asset number (bottom of notebooks), with any requests.
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