2011104 IT – Bounced e-mail

If you use UBC Exchange or UBC FASmail and are having your e-mail “bounced” back, from other UBC e-mail addresses, you will need to delete your correspondent’s e-mail address from Outlook’s AutoComplete cache. We recommend that you delete the problem addresses from the cache, one at a time, using instructions at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/287623

Colin Bryant
Computer System Coordinator
University of BC, Dept. of Psychiatry
Tel: 604-822-7374

IT Support Desk;
Please include your computer’s asset number (bottom of notebooks), with any requests.
Online: http://psychit (From computers logged onto the D_Psychiatry network only.)
E-mail: PsychIT@exchange.ubc.ca
: 604-827-5695
Web: http://www.psychiatry.ubc.ca/f_s/ts.htm