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Geriatric Mental Health Team
3935 Kincaid Street
Burnaby B.C. V5G 2X6
Tel: (604) 453-1900
Fax (604) 453-1929

The Burnaby Centre for Mental Health and Addictions
Contact  : nirmal.kang@fraserhealth.ca



Program description:

Burnaby geriatric mental health team provides interdisciplinary team assessments and treatment for seniors with psychiatric problems who are living in the community, consultation to other teams, patient who are in general hospital and all the nursing homes in Burnaby. We also have inpatients on the general Inpatient unit and amounts to about five beds at any given time. Geriatric Psychiatrist is primary attending on Inpatient unit with hospitalists as supportive in shared care approach. All medical specialties are available for consultation. Geriatric Psychiatry consultations to other hospital unit are done on referral. The team links with the BEST beds i.e. Burnaby Elderly services Beds for complex patients. We also service variety of Special care and complex care and assisted care facilities that offer wealth of experience for residents and fellows.

Patient Description:

Reasons for referral include cognitive (50%), anxiety / mood (40%), psychotic (10%), with vast majority having varying degree of cognitive impairment. Assessment of patient’s capacity (10%) to live safely at home and legal, financial and personal competency are commonly done. Patients from Burnaby are seen for assessment and therapeutic follow-up. Over 75% of the assessments are done in the patient’s own place of residence within half an hour’s radius from the hospital. Consultation and treatment recommendations are sent to the patient’s family doctor. Second opinions and follow-up therapy as needed are offered. Referrals to other appropriate services, family support, and are carried out. We will soon have capacity for neuropsychological evaluations.

Clinical and Academic Learning Opportunities:

Team rounds are held weekly to discuss patient care plans. Inpatients are reviewed three times a week and round held once a week. We have clinical geriatric psychiatry residents and fellows rotate though for community and elective times. Clinical applied research opportunities are also available within this setting.