Child & Adolescent

Head: Dr. Roberto Sassi

Division Members

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program located at BC Children’s Hospital is the specialized provincial referral centre for the province providing tertiary and provincial specialized mental health and addiction services through a number of sub-specialty outpatient clinics and four inpatient programs.
The majority of medical students as well as psychiatry and paediatric residents within the Faculty of Medicine at UBC receive their training in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry through our acclaimed teaching program.
Research strengths within the program include: autism spectrum disorders, concurrent disorders, infant psychiatry, metabolic effects of psychotropic medications. obsessive compulsive disorder, psychotherapies for mood, anxiety and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Please click here for information on the Child and Adolescent Subspecialty Training Program

BC Children’s Hospital:

Child Psychiatry

Dr. Susan Lazar, Medical Director

Dr. Brian Banno
Dr. Kelly Saran

Adolescent Psychiatry

Dr. Jennifer Russel, Medical Director

Dr. Trudy Adam
Dr. Anna Kalenchuk

Dr. Tyler Black, Medical Director
Dr. Allan Furlong
Dr. Ali Eslami
ADHD Clinic  

Dr. Candice Murray, Clinical  Director

Dr. Ryan Chan

Dr. Russet Jones

Dr. Jake Locke

Eating Disorders    

Dr. Pei-Yoong Lah, , Medical Director
Dr. Lucinda Kunkel
Dr. Christa Peter

Dr. Carina Perel-Panar

Dr. Julia Wong
Outpatient Department
Dr. Susan Baer, Senior Medical  Director
Dr. Emily Piper
Infant Psychiatry  

Dr. Megan McFadden , Medical Director
Dr. Patricia Frew
Dr. Fulroop Sidhu
Mood Disorders Clinic

Dr. Jane Garland, Medical Director
Dr. Susan Baer

Dr. Rosalind Catchpole

Dr. Rishi Kapur
Dr. Jake Locke
Dr. Daniel Lafleur
Dr. Megan MacFadden
Dr. Ashley Miller

Dr. Tamara Salih
Neuropsychiatry Clinic  

Dr. Robin Friedlander, Medical Director

Dr. Brian Banno
Dr. Roger Freeman

Dr. Diane Fast
Dr. Francois Proulx

Dr. Tamara Salih
Urgent Assessment
Dr. Jake Locke
Dr. Keith Marriage
Dr. Muffy Greenaway

Consultation & Teaching  

Dr. Andrea Chapman, Medical Director
Dr. Jessica Luckhurst
Dr. Keith Marriage

Dr. Jennifer Yeh
Dr. Kelly Saran
Concurrent Disorders

Vacant , Medical Director
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Clinic

Dr. Evelyn Stewart, Medical Director
Dr. Daniel Lafleur

Dr. Christa Peters


Teleheath Outpatient Psychiatric Service (TOPS)

Dr. Rishi Kapur, Medical Director

Dr. Ryan Chan
Chair, Child Psychiatry Research    Dr. Anthony Bailey

Canada Research Chair, Tier 1    Dr. Adele Diamond

Dr. Glen Freedman
Dr. Roy Holland


Dr. Betty Tang


Dr. Sara Junaid
Dr. Teresa Kope


Dr. Sheik Hosenbocus


Dr. Heather Derry
Dr. Bruce Pipher
Dr. Rosaline Salo

New Westminster

Dr. Mohammad Khan

North Vancouver 

Dr. Glen Freedman

Prince George 

Dr. Johannes Giede
Dr. Rachel Boulding


Dr. Carolyn Steinberg
Dr. Lorne Brandt
Dr. Monique Wong


Dr. Muhammad Kashif
Dr. Ali Eslami
Dr. Shruthi Eswar

Dr. Francois Proulx
Dr. Vernon Reynolds

Dr. Carol-Ann Saari


Dr. Lorraine Andrews

Dr. Ron Braunstein

Dr. Matthew Chan
Dr. Patrice Dunn
Dr. Allan Furlong
Dr. William Warrian
Dr. Elizabeth Hall

Dr. Lorraine Hathaway
Dr. Geoff Ainsworth
Dr. Alex Gubanov
Dr. Muffy Greenaway

Dr. Veena Jokhani
Dr. Myles Blank

Dr. Gary Lazar

Dr. Don Louie

Dr. Pratibha Reebye
Dr. Derryck Smith
Dr. Helen Rosenauer
Dr. Lynn Miller

Dr. Leslie Wicholas


Dr. Rachelle Bouffard
Dr. Peggy Firstbrook
Dr. Mary Nixon
Dr. Rodney Drabkin
Dr. Jenny Preuss
Dr. Richard Stern
Dr. James Kirkpatrick
West Vancouver    

Dr. Margaret Weiss
White Rock  

Dr. Doug Maskall