Education Programs


Undergraduate Medical Education Program

Director: Dr. Kathryn Fung

The University of British Columbia Medical Program is a four year program. The school is distributed; students are admitted to the Northern Medical Program (NMP), in collaboration with UNBC and centered in Prince George; the Island Medical Program (IMP), in collaboration with UVic and centred in Victoria; the Southern Medical Program (SMP) centered in Kelowna; or the Vancouver-Fraser Medical Program (VFMP), the traditional Vancouver core plus expansion sites through the Lower Mainland.

Postgraduate Training Program

Director: Dr. Ladan Sadrehashemi

Associate Director: Dr. Irfan Khanbhai

The Postgraduate Training Program in the Department is a fully accredited, five year training program that provides comprehensive instruction, training and supervision in all of the CanMEDS roles as required by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Sub-Specialty Training Program


Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Sub-Specialty Program: Dr. Andrea Chapman

Geriatric Psychiatry Sub-Specialty Program: Dr. Ashok Krishnamoorthy

Forensic Psychiatry Sub-Specialty Program: Dr. Todd Tomita

UBC was given official standing as a Sub-Specialty training site for Child & Adolescent, Geriatric, and Forensic Psychiatry in 2012. Consistent with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons requirements, the Geriatrics and Child and Adolescent programs are two years with residents entering the programs as PGY5’s and completing the program in their PGY6 year. The Forensic program is a one year program with entry for residents in their PGY6 year.

Public Education

Director: Dr. Harry Karlinsky

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