Postgraduate Fellow Application

Application Process Timeline

The entire application process can take five to six months, so please begin the process as early as possible.

Detailed Process For Applicants And Supervisors

Postgraduate Fellow Process – Canadian Applicants

Postgraduate Fellow Process – Non-Canadian Applicants


1. Submit application

Complete and submit the application for approval of appointment (below) and other required documents to Assistant HR Manager Ms. Bree Wilson ( The documents below outline the requirements and process in more detail. Please contact Bree Wilson ( throughout this application process for guidance.

2. Apply for work permit

Within one month, you will receive an offer letter and immigration letter (if applicable) from the Psychiatry office. Please use these letters to apply for a work permit through the appropriate visa office. Please see the Service Canada website for application information.

3. Prepare for medical licensing

Gather the required documents for medical licensing with the College of Physicians & Surgeons of British Columbia. These requirements are listed in the below instructions for applicants and supervisors. If required in your case, please register for the TOEFL or IELTS exam as soon as possible. The HR Assistant will forward your application to the College for pre-approval.

4. Obtain medical license and SIN

Following your work permit approval and arrival in Vancouver, make an in-person appointment with the College to obtain your medical license and visit Service Canada to obtain a social insurance number (SIN). Please provide copies of your immigration documents and your medical license to the HR Assistant. This is the final step in processing your appointment.

For any questions regarding the application process or requirements, please contact the Assistant HR Manager Ms. Bree Wilson (