Engage with the Strategic Plan

The Department would like to invite all Department members to share their stories:

• Has your recent work linked to items in the Strategic Plan?
• Do your current or future work plans relate to the Strategic Plan?
• Do you know of a Department member that has a story?

Your stories will help build a greater sense of community in the Department and help raise the Department’s profile. Your stories may be featured in Department communications, including in annual reports and future communications vehicles. They may also be directed through communications channels (at UBC and beyond).

A story is defined as:

• Work projects or plans related to the Strategic Plan.
• Upcoming research publications (let us know once a manuscript is accepted for publication).
• Awards, honours and grants.
• Media interviews and mentions.
• Achievements you would like to share.

Submit your story:

• Describe your story. (two sentences or more)
• How does it relate to the plan? (optional)

Not sure if your story relates to the Strategic Plan? Submit it anyway!

Send your story and any questions to:

Margaret Koshi, Manager, Communications and Partnerships