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The UBC Institute of Mental Health (IMH) is home to a community of clinicians and scientists committed to re-examining the field of mental health and mental illness, and seeking new insights into the diagnosis and treatment of some of the most challenging issues in modern medicine. Their activities include:

  • Building on recent advances in the fields of neuroscience, genetics, pathology, brain imaging, psychology and epidemiology;
  • Translating these advances into clinically effective preventive and treatment strategies including early intervention, psychotherapy, genetic counseling and medications;
  • Ensuring, through training and education, their application in everyday clinical practice throughout BritishColumbia.

The Institute of Mental Health endowment was established to support leading edge research in child and adolescent psychiatry, psychotherapy, and geriatric psychiatry. As more resources become available, the breadth of activities has grown.

As an integral part of UBC’s Department of Psychiatry, the Institute of Mental Health’s interdisciplinary activities include over 90 basic and clinical researchers in the Faculties of Medicine, Science, Nursing, Education, Law and Arts.

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