Mood & Anxiety Disorders

Program Director: Dr. Raymond Lam, Professor

Program Members

The Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program consists of faculty members with clinical and research expertise in these conditions, which together are the most common and most burdensome disorders in all of medicine. While the members of the Program are scattered across the province, much of the activity is focused within the Mood Disorders Centre (MDC), located at UBC Hospital within the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. The mission of the MDC is to improve treatment for people with mood disorders by integrating cutting-edge clinical research, innovative clinical programs and creative educational initiatives within an internationally-recognized centre of excellence.

The Mood and Anxiety Disorders Program is a research-intensive program, with most members engaging in clinical research that represent the spectrum of investigation from psychobiology to psychotherapy. The faculty within the Program includes nationally and internationally recognized experts in anxiety and mood disorders. Education is also a priority for the Program, with activity at all levels of learners, including undergraduate medical students, residents and clinical fellows in psychiatry; graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in psychology and neuroscience; and health professionals in continuing medical and health education.

Vancouver Coastal Health – Mood Disorders Centre

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