Program Members

The UBC department’s neuropsychiatry program is the academic component of the tertiary provincial BC neuropsychiatry program consisting of UBC Hospital and Hillside Centre in Kamloops.

The clinical program  provides assessment and treatment of  psychiatric illness caused by non traumatic and traumatic brain injury, brain electrical malfunction and extrinsic toxic metabolic disturbances.  The program also provides services to patients with psychiatric illness that presents as neurological or physical disease (the somatoform disorders).

The academic component is responsible for teaching clinical neurosciences in the postgraduate programs, training fellows, residents and MSIs, providing academic presentations in local, national and international meetings and runs a very successful weekly telerounds that broadcasts to up to 26 sites around the province and to one extraprovincial site.

The program engages in a limited amount of research and publications.  Areas of interest include neuropsychology, neuroimaging, neurogenetics, neurometabolic disorders, the neuropsychiatry of  multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, dementia, head trauma, vasculitis and movement disorders and the surgical treatments of depression (deep brain stimulation of the white matter adjacent to the subgenual gyrus and bilateral anterior capsulotomy).


Dr. Trevor Hurwitz


BC Neuropsychiatry Program