20120203 Finance 2012 Year End Timelines Memo Final

2012 Fiscal Year End Timelines

In order to meet UBC 2012 Fiscal Year End Timelines, documents that require Department Head approval must be received by Department Administration Office – attention Vicky Yau, by 4:30 pm on March 16, 2012. This will allow enough time for review & approval (Department Head signature will be arranged by Vicky after receipt & review) and for you to submit documents to UBC Finance for processing.

Effectively immediately, please clearly write ‘11/12’ on the top of each document to be entered into the 2011/2012 fiscal year.

UBC Fiscal Year End Timelines:

March 28, Wednesday:

(8 pm) – Deadline for Smart Forms data entry & Web Cash Receipt (on-line cash deposit) data entry


March 29, Thursday:

(10 am) – Deadline for all requisitions for payment & Journal Vouchers – must be received by UBC Financial Services by 10 am

(Noon) – Deadline for March hourly timesheets to payroll

(4:30 pm) – Deadline for all travel requisitions – must be received by UBC Financial Services by 4:30 am


April 3, Tuesday:

(Noon) – Preliminary March ledgers distributed


April 4, Wednesday:

(Noon) – Final deadline for all requisitions (Q-req, TRV-req), Wire & Drafts payment, JV & documents for any Smart Forms – must be received by UBC Financial Services by noon


To help with year-end processing, UBC Financial Services will be running Over/Under Reports on a regular basis. Monthly reports will be run during February, 2012. Weekly reports will be run during March, 2012. Daily reports will be run starting April 2, 2012.

Please note that KPMG will be undertaking an audit of the financial statement of the University for the fiscal year ended March 31 2012. In order for UBC Financial Services to provide the information requested, Department is require to complete & return the audit program by April 11, 2012. Please note that the audit program (page 7-9 in the attached memo) will be prepared & submitted by the Department Administration Office only, Please DO NOT submit this report for your division. The Department Finance Manager will be in contact with you if additional information is needed from your division.

If you have any questions and/or if you need help in expense and revenue accrual for 2011/2012 fiscal year-end, please contact Vicky Yau, Personnel and Business Operations Manager, at 822-7315 or vicky.yau@ubc.ca