20120309 Revisions to Place and Promise

To: UBC Community (students, faculty, staff, alumni)
From: Executive Team

The UBC Executive is seeking your input on:

A. Draft Revisions to Place and Promise: The UBC Plan;
B. Feedback on Community Engagement Strategic Plan

A. Place and Promise is now 2 years old and there have been comments and suggestions regarding some of the wording of the goals and actions. To address these and to freshen the plan, some changes are being proposed. See http://strategicplan.ubc.ca/consultation for details and for five questions we are seeking your input on.

B. UBC is developing strategies to meet our community engagement commitment.

You are invited to share your perspectives and advice in shaping the Community Engagement Strategic Plan. Tell us what you think about the draft plan by visiting our website at http://www.communityengagement.ubc.ca and completing our short survey.

Please submit your comments by March 23rd.