20120323 Foreign information storage

Foreign information storage

UBC Policy 116 reminds us that UBC is a public body, under the BC Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy act. FIPPA section 30.1 states that “A public body must ensure that personal information in its custody or under its control is stored only in Canada and accessed only in Canada”.

Personal information includes contact information. Electronic storage of personal information may include;

· Hosted data repositories (Dropbox doesn’t comply)

· Survey systems (SurveyMonkey doesn’t comply)

· E-mail servers (Gmail doesn’t comply)

· Web servers (Yahoo doesn’t comply)

Colin Bryant
Computer System Coordinator
University of BC, Dept. of Psychiatry
Tel: 604-822-7374

IT Support Desk;
Please include your computer’s asset number (bottom of notebooks), with any requests.
E-mail: Psychiatry.IT@ubc.ca
Tel: 604-827-5695
Web: http://www.psychiatry.ubc.ca/f_s/ts.htm