20120330 Canadian Association for Neuroscience abstract submission – STILL OPEN

The Canadian Association of Neuroscience (CAN) meeting will be held in Vancouver May 20 -23. This meeting is usually well-attended by the Canadian Neuroscience community and a great opportunity to focus on establishing networks and collaborations among your Canadian colleagues (as opposed to the huge SFN meeting). You may even get a chance to meet people who will be reviewing your grants! This meeting covers the breadth of Canadian Neuroscience, from molecular/cellular to genetics to clinical research into fundamental brain mechanisms as well as psychiatric and neurologic disease. Since the meeting is being held in our own city, it would be great if we had a large turn-out from the UBC Neuroscience community; the cost for attending the meeting is obviously much lower than when it is held in eastern Canada as it usually is. In case you have not yet visited the website describing the meeting’s program, the link is: http://www.can-acn.org/meeting2012/index.htm

Although the initial abstract submission deadline has passed, there is still time!

Here is the direct link for submitting a late abstract:


This opportunity will be open for the next several days. I encourage all of you to showcase your research at this excellent meeting. Please let others in your institute or centre know that they can still submit an abstract.


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