CBT for Psychosis Workshop

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Clinical Improvement Steering Committee (CISC) I am pleased to send advance notice of a 2 day Provincial CBT for Psychosis workshop in February 2012 and, for selected participants, a follow-up 12 week clinical supervision seminar. Leading the workshop, the CISC is very pleased to welcome back Dr David Kingdon from the University of Southampton in the UK following the highly successful CBT for Psychosis workshop in September 2009. Dr David Erickson, FH Psychologist, will lead the Clinical Supervision Seminar.

Who Should Attend the CBT for Psychosis Workshop?

All MHSU Professional Staff and Psychiatrists interested in CBT for Psychosis. Others who will be invited include FH contracted agencies, Provincial Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI) clinicians, other BC Health Authority staff and non-contracted agencies within FH.

What is the cost?
This event is sponsored by the CISC and there is no cost to MHSU staff and physicians, FH contracted agencies and Provincial EPI Clinicians.

Who is eligible for the Clinical Supervision Seminar?

Experienced FH MHSU clinicians (only) who have:
a) completed the “Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis” workshop with Dr. Kingdon
b) an active caseload where CBT for psychosis can be implemented
c) secured consent from a client to present audio excerpts in this seminar
d) motivation to practice CBT techniques in their own lives, during training

e) have approval from their operational Manager

How do I register?

Registration for CISC events have now changed and are online only. Registration is simple and efficient, however you may have to develop a brief profile with the Course Catalogue Registration System (CCRS) as a first time registrant.

Everything you need to know to register can be accessed by pressing CTRL + Click on the following links:

Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis 2 day workshop


CBT for Psychosis Seminar Sessions


Seats are limited so early registration is encouraged.

Andy Libbiter
Chair, CISC
Office: 1 (604) 8707834
Blackberry; (604) 807 4873
Pager: (604) 450 9246
Email: andy.libbiter@fraserhealth.ca