Changes to UBC’s Contracted Travel Agency Vendors

This is being sent on behalf of Dennis Silva, Director, Supply Management:

February 1, 2012

Change to UBC’s Contracted Travel Agency Vendors

The following changes and revisions have been made to the UBC TravelSmart Program:

Agreement with North South Travel

The agreement with North South Travel (NST) has been extended to the end of December 2012. The NST agreement provides travel management services, customer service and the online booking tool support (Concur). In order to align with industry practices, simplify the service fee structure and sustain the travel program more effectively, Supply Management UBCTravelSmart is announcing a revised service fee structure. The service fee for travel to international destinations is reduced by $3, there is an introduction of a $10 itinerary change fee and travel within North America is unchanged $37.

NST Client Service Fee Update Effective January 1, 2012


Full Service Fees


Initial ticket issuance to any destination


Itinerary changes

UBC’s Online Booking

Self Serve Fees

No change to the service fee

Changes and Cancelations Must be Processed Through NST


Non-assisted bookings


Simply changes


For assisted bookings

Note: Pricing is before tax. The service fees include airline ticket issuance, hotel and car bookings.

As a result of the changes within the program, UBC has chosen not to renew the contract with Uniglobe Vision Travel. We thank them for their service.

Airport Improvement Fee Increase Effective May 1, 2012

The Vancouver Airport Authority announced they will increase the Airport Improvement Fee (AIF) from $15 to $20 commencing May 1, 2012.

For further details, please contact Judith Fograscher, UBC Travel Program Manager, 604-822-5878 or