Planned Service Disruption of VGH Telephone System

Planned Service Disruption of VGH Telephone System – MARCH 9, 2012

This message is sent on behalf of HSSBC Voice Services. Please share this information with all staff members in your department/division.

Date: February 21, 2012

To: VA All Staff
Cc: VA Senior Leadership Team

From: Danea Avey, Senior Telecom Analyst, HSSBC

Re: Planned Service Disruption on VGH Telephone system.

On Friday March 9, 2012 at approximately 23:00 HSSBC Voice Services will begin work to upgrade the existing telephone switch that supports VGH Campus including Banfield Pavilion, Eye Care Centre, Skin Care Centre, Mary Pack, Jack Bell, Echelon and 601 W. Broadway. All telephones and faxes that are not on the critical phone list, will be out of service for the duration of this technology upgrade, with the exception of the Cisco phones such as those found at GLDHCC, Robert Ho, 590 W. 8th, 2750 E. Hasting, 1669 W. Broadway, 1001 W. Broadway, City Square, 620 W. 8th, Willingdon, the 5th floor of 520 W. 6th Ave., the wireless Cisco handsets in Emergency at Jim Pattison Pavilion, and Vocera. These Cisco phones will only be disrupted during the cut over periods for up to approximately 30 minutes with no service. Pagers that are accessed by dialing “870-xxxx” will also be affected, however further details of the impact to these pagers will be coming out in the next memo. The main VGH telephone line to switchboard, 604-875-4111, will remain active at all times.

The first step in completing the upgrade will involve transferring critical phone and fax lines from the current telephone system to a temporary switch (cut over). The campus will be on the temporary system for approximately 24 – 48 hours. The temporary system can support a maximum of 200 phone lines. A list of these numbers will be included in a future memo and be available at the Bed Management meeting Friday, March 9th. This list will also contain the cellular phone numbers for all units that have previously arranged to have a cellular phone.

The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) at VGH will be activated during the cutover times, to provide on site support with any technical issues. Units/departments/services experiencing technical issues during the cutover periods may contact the EOC directly at (604) 875-5779, or come to the EOC in JPP first floor, within Rehabilitation Services. The EOC will be staffed Friday March 9 at 22:30 until the initial cut over is complete and the critical phone lines are active and operational. The EOC will remain in virtual status through the Duty Administrator (DA) On Call, and will be staffed again during the second cut over period at a date and time to be determined by the duration of the switch upgrade work. Technical issues arising when the EOC is not activated should be reported through the patient care supervisor to the DA.

For those areas that pre-identified a requirement for a cellular phone, those phones will be distributed via managers at the Bed Management meeting March 9. Phones can be returned on Monday March 12 following the completion of the work. For units without cell phones, pay phones on the units may be used. Please check your emergency supply of change for these phones. Also, be sure to confirm your physicians’ phone numbers.

This outage will NOT affect Code Blue buttons (i.e. nurse call system), panic buttons, payphones, radios, cell phones, Tridex phones, computers and Internet access or the overhead paging system at Vancouver General Hospital.

Please post this memo on your units. This message will be posted on the VCH News – Vancouver site. A reminder message will appear on PCIS on March 9th, 2012

If you have any questions please contact:

Michelle de Moor Danea Avey
Operations Director Senior Telecom Analyst
Vancouver Acute HSSBC- Voice Services 604-707-5890 ext 545263