Clinical Faculty: Appointments, Reappointments, and Promotions

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The UBC Department of Psychiatry has over 700 Clinical Faculty members with exemplary skills in patient care, medical education, and administrative and clinical leadership who are located across all the departmental sites. Clinical faculty members are compensated for their teaching activities as per the terms set by the UBC Faculty of Medicine. The Faculty of Medicine all has a range of activities to support the career progression of the clinical faculty.

Resources for Clinical Faculty

New Appointments and Reappointments

Accreditation standards require all clinicians and healthcare practitioners to hold a UBC clinical faculty appointment in order to teach and assess UBC students and residents. Please review these eligibility guidelines prior to submitting your application. All appointments comply with the UBC Faculty of Medicine Policy (pdf) and Process. At this time, only individuals who hold an open work permit, a work permit that includes a UBC appointment, or have permanent resident status are eligible to hold a UBC clinical faculty appointment. Those who hold a work permit naming solely the Health Authority as their employer are not eligible to teach for or be compensated by UBC.

New Appointments

New applicants (unless they have previously held Clinical Faculty appointments at UBC or elsewhere) are usually appointed as Clinical Instructors. Please send your application package to Leah Ranada, HR Assistant.

For Vancouver-Fraser Medical Program:

The application package for a Clinical Instructor appointment should include the following:

1. Completed Clinical Instructor Application Checklist (Downloadable PDF) for all required documents listed below.

2. A completed and signed Clinical Faculty Application Form (Downloadable PDF), which includes Payment Instructions and Electronic Fund Transfer forms.

3. A signed Statement of Intent Form (Downloadable PDF), confirming eligibility for a clinical faculty appointment and intent to contribute to UBC Undergraduate and/or Postgraduate Medical Education teaching.

4. A Support Form (Downloadable PDF), to be completed by the UBC Division Head/UBC Program Director, or Hospital Head/Medical Director or Regional Associate Dean.

Clinical Instructor applications are accepted year-round and typically processes over a period of 2 weeks. Initial appointments are usually for a three-year term, with the possibility of reappointment

For Distributed Sites:

Please contact the respective administrative personnel below to assist you with your application package:

  • Island Medical Program: Niobe Getty, Clinical Faculty Appointments Coordinator,
  • Northern Medical Program: Amber Rushton, Administrative Assistant,
  • Southern Medical Program: Tessa Russell, Clinical Faculty Coordinator,

New Appointment at a Higher Rank

Applicants that have held a previous faculty appointment at UBC or elsewhere and/or have considerable clinical teaching experience, may apply for an appointment at a higher provided the meet eligibility criteria set by the Faculty of Medicine for Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Associate Professor  or Clinical Professor.

Higher-rank appointments require the submission of evidence of teaching excellence for formal review by the departmental Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee. Enquiries about higher-rank appointments should be directed to Vicky Yau, Director, Administration, for further information and instructions.


Reappointment is dependent on meeting requirements and submitting the Annual Report (see below).

For faculty entering at a higher rank initially, reappointment is conditional on a formal review process by the Clinical Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee and requires submission of a Teaching Dossier and UBC formatted CV (Word). The UBC Psychiatry HR team will reach out to those requiring formal review for reappointment in the Winter/Spring prior to their upcoming June 30 term end date.

Annual Report to Maintain Appointment

A condition of continued appointment for Clinical Faculty members is the submission of the Annual Report detailing their activities related to their UBC appointment. These reports are required to maintain the appointment and factor heavily into decisions about reappointment and promotion.

The annual report should be submitted online between July 1st and December 31st each year and covers the preceding academic year from July 1st to June 30th

Clinical faculty that are unable to meet these requirements due to special circumstances should submit their justification to Vicky Yau, Director, Administration for consideration by the Clinical Faculty Appointments and Promotions Committee.


Promotions are based on meeting the eligibility criteria set by the Faculty of Medicine for Clinical Assistant Professor (PDF) or Clinical Associate Professor (PDF), or Clinical Professor (PDF).

Applications for promotion are considered by the departmental Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee in the Spring and Fall each year. The respective deadlines are March 15th and September 15th.

Fall Review Cycle

September 15th: Deadline for submission of applications

October: Review by the Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee

December: Decision by the Faculty of Medicine and UBC Provost

Spring Review Cycle

March 15th: Deadline for submission of applications

April: Review by the Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee

June: Decision by the Faculty of Medicine and UBC Provost

The application package should include:

Package materials are being updated and will be available soon. Please contact Leah Ranada for enquiries.

The application package should be submitted to Leah Ranada by the March 15th (Spring Cycle) or September 15h (Fall Cycle).

Teaching Opportunities

Training Medical Students

The most up-to-date information on teaching opportunities within the MD Undergraduate Program is available MD Undergraduate Program Teaching Opportunities. Specific inquiries pertaining to Psychiatry should be addressed to the Psychiatry UGE Program Director, Dr. Kathryn Fung.

Training Residents

Specific inquiries pertaining to resident reaching should be directed to the Acting Psychiatry Specialty PGE Program Director, Dr. Irfan Khanbhai.

Opportunities generally include:

  • Providing elective/selective experiences in your area
  • Being an examiner for OSCEs or STACERS
  • Developing OSCEs (3.5 hour credit for each OSCE accepted by the program)

Mentorship Program

Mentorship for Clinical Faculty is delivered through the UBC Clinical Faculty Mentoring Program.

The program pairs junior clinical faculty/new educators (mentees) with senior clinical faculty (mentors). The time commitment is approximately 13-15 hours over eight months (including a minimum of 6 mentoring meetings). Mentoring pairs negotiate all aspects of the relationship, including the frequency, length, format, and scope of their meetings.

Applications for participating in the program usually close by August each year. Inquiries should be directed to

Clinical Faculty Appointment & Promotions Committee

The Departmental Clinical Faculty Appointment and Promotion Committee (CFAPC) reviews all requests for the appointment, reappointment, and promotion of clinical faculty. The Committee follows the criteria and guidelines set out in the UBC Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Medicine Policy on Clinical faculty Appointments (pdf).

The committee has 8 voting members from all ranks elected by and from the clinical faculty. Committee members are elected for a three-year term with the possibility of additional terms if re-elected. Elections for the renewal of committee members are held in the Spring. The committee is currently chaired by Dr. Lakshmi Yatham, the Department Head and co-chaired by Dr. Joseph Tham, Clinical Faculty Affairs Representative for Psychiatry. The Committee is advisory to the Head of the Department

Membership of the CFAPC

Chair: Dr. Lakshmi Yatham
Vice Chair & Clinical Faculty Representative: Dr. Joseph Tham

Elected Voting Members:

Dr. Stephen Anderson, Clinical Professor

Dr. Caroline Gosselin, Clinical Professor

Dr. Jake Locke, Clinical Professor

Dr. Hiram Mok, Clinical Professor

Dr. Andrew Howard, Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Todd Tomita, Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Stephen Wiseman, Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Leona Adams, Clinical Assistant Professor