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Dr. Anderson’s research interests include: hazardous alcohol use and associated mental and physical illness among Aboriginal drinkers; physician detection and management of hazardous drinking; and appropriate physician prescription of mood-altering and other related medications.



Dr. John F. Anderson is a Senior Scientist in Community Medicine at the BC Centre for Addictions Research (CARBC).  Dr. Anderson provides leadership in the areas of evidence-based medicine and primary health care as they related to problems of substance abuse.  One of his first projects was a prevention framework document for the BC Ministry of Health that provided evidence-based guidelines on how to address and prevent the harms of substance abuse.

He is also participating in a research initiative directed at expanding the role of primary care physicians in the delivery of screening, assessment and brief interventions for persons at risk for experiencing adverse consequences from harmful levels and patterns of alcohol abuse.  Currently, he is co-principal investigator of a CIHR Knowledge Synthesis/Exchange grant (Chehalis Primary Health Care Project) studying how Indigenous health knowledge is incorporated in Aboriginal community health centre models with an emphasis on addiction and mental health services. 

Dr. Anderson received his Doctor of Medicine from McMaster University and his Post-Degree Professional Program (Education) at the University of Victoria.  His career has included full-time family practice as well as community medicine research.  He also worked as a community medicine consultant in the Mental Health and Addictions Branch of the BC Ministry of Health.  As a provincial medical consultant, he was a strong participant in the introduction and implementation of harm reduction as part of official provincial government policy implementation, and specifically, he has guided the expansion of methadone maintenance treatment services throughout the province. 

Dr. Anderson has also advised the provincial government on several mental health and addiction initiatives with the intent of enhancing the population health effect of such initiatives, including the provincial response to impaired driving and mentally disordered offenders. 

Dr. Anderson is currently an affiliate clinical assistant professor with the Island Medical Program where he is the Assistant Dean, MD Undergraduate Education.  He also teaches first and second year undergraduate medical students.

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