Martha Donnelly

23 June 1950 – 10 January 2019

Program: Geriatric Psychiatry


Research and Interests

·         Geriatric Psychiatry Curricula

·         Collaborative care in geriatrics

·         Interdisciplinary education in geriatrics

·         Personhood in dementia research

·         Incapacity assessments (setting standards)

·         Dementia education



·         Head, Geriatric Psychiatry Program, UBC, 2002-2012

·         Head, Division of Community Geriatrics, Department of Family Practice, UBC, 1987-2011

  Former Chair of Board, Canadian Academy of Geriatric Psychiatry 2004-2008

·         Member Royal College of Physician and Surgeons working group on subspecialization in Geriatric Psychiatry 2012- 2015

·         Program Director, Geriatric Psychiatry Subspecialty Program, UBC, 2011 to present


·         1994 Award for Clinical Excellence Vancouver Hospital and Health Sciences Centre

·         2002 YWCA Woman of Distinction Award for Health, Wellness and Active Living in Vancouver B.C.

·         2009 Recipient of the Canadian Academy of  Geriatric Psychiatry Outstanding Contribution to Geriatric Psychiatry Award

·         2010 UBC Killam Teaching Prize Award UBC

·         2010 Vancouver Medical Association Primus Inter Pares Award


Selected Publications

Donnelly, M.L.  Geriatric Assessment and Treatment Units. Canadian Family Physician. 1992;38:2433-2440.

Donnelly, M.L.  Financial and Personal Competency Assessments for British Columbia Seniors.  BC Medical Journal.  1996;38(9):484-487.

Browne A, Blake M, Donnelly M, Herbert D.  On Liberty for the Old.  Canadian Journal of Aging. 2002; 21(2):283-293

Guidelines for Elderly Mental Health Care Planning for Best Practices for Health Authorities (2002) Donnelly M., MacCourt P., (Co-Chairs), Ministry of Health Services of British Columbia ,Victoria, Province of British Columbia

Fisk JD, Beattie BL, Donnelly M.  Ethical Considerations for Decision Making for Treatment and Research Participation.  Alzheimer’s & Dementia.  2007;3:411-417.

Fisk JD, Beattie BL, Donnelly M, Byszewski A, Molnar FJ.  Disclosure of the diagnosis of dementia.  Alzheimer’s & Dementia.  2007;3:404-410

Donnelly M, Nesbitt K, Dunne J, Lee D, Bradley C, Roodenburg K. Understanding Quality of Life of Ventilator-Dependent Residents on a Long-Term Care Unit:  Part II. Canadian Journal of Geriatrics.  2007;10(2):68-71.

CCSMH Late Life Suicide Prevention Toolkit  2008
On Advisory Committee CCSMH website

O’Connor D, Hall MI, Donnelly M.  Assessing Capacity within a Context of Abuse or Neglect. Journal of Elder Abuse & Neglect. 2009; 21:156-169.

Horgan S, Le Clair K, Donnelly M, Hinton G, McCourt P, and Krieger-Frost, S.  Developing a national consensus on the accessibility needs of older adults with concurrent and chronic, mental and physical health issues: A preliminary framework informing collaborative mental health care planning.  Canadian Journal on Aging.  2009; 28(2):97-105

Head, Geriatric Psychiatry Program 2002 to present
Head, Division of Community Geriatrics, Department of Family Practice, UBC
Program members: