Shimi Kang


Research and Interests


Dr. Kang’s research and teachings focus on mental health and addictions.  Areas of interest include: youth and women’s mental health, alcohol dependence, severe addiction, motivation, and cross-cultural issues in healthcare.  Notable research studies in which Dr. Kang has participated include:

  • The COMBINE National Study (as a medical therapist and instructor), the largest study on alcohol dependence done to date, through the National Institute of Alcohol and Alcoholism
  • The Methamphetamine Psychosis Research Study (as a principal investigator) on the BC Women’s Hospital site
  • Phase III of an FDA Study of Depot Naltrexone for alcohol treatment (as sub-investigator)
  • The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Validity Study



Dr. Kang completed her training in Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia and also completed a Fellowship in Addiction Psychiatry at Harvard University in Boston, USA. She gained frontline experience while working as a primary care physician in Vancouver and also at a charitable hospital in rural India.  She also completed a Clinical Research Fellowship in the Addiction Research Program at Massachusettes General Hospital/Harvard University in Boston, USA. Dr. Kang also attended Rutgers University School of Drug and Alcohol Studies in New Jersey, USA and examined global health issues at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. She is a Michael Smith Foundation postdoctoral fellow in Health Services Research (University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, Canada).

Dr. Kang has published numerous articles, book chapters, manuals, and monographs in the area of alcohol dependence, addictions, youth and women’s mental health, motivation, and cross-cultural issues in healthcare.

Among her widespread volunteer activities, she has spent much of her time bringing awareness and reducing the stigma of mental health and addictive disorders through countless public forums and media events.  Dr. Kang has a keen interest in promoting and providing health information that is understandable and relevant to the general public.

Dr. Kang has contributed as an invited expert to numerous newspapers, online news, radio shows, and television programs.  She has published work in the area of youth and women’s mental health, alcohol dependence, severe addiction, and cross-cultural issues in healthcare.  She is also a recognized media specialist in discussing both common and complex conditions such as stress, relationships, motivation, depression, suicide, and addiction.