Wendy Adams, BBiomedSc (Hons) PhD

Professional Affiliations and other Positions


Research and Interests

Wendy’s research interests focus on the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders, behavioral models of impulsivity and cognition, and neurpsychopharmacology.



In 2010, Dr. Adams completed her undergraduate and postgraduate training in neuroscience at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Her PhD research investigated the role of brain serotonin systems in schizophrenia using animal behavioral models.

During her postgraduate studies, Dr. Adams undertook a 12 month research exchange at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Kunming, China, supported by the Australian Government’s Endeavour Awards Programme. Dr. Adams joined the UBC Institute of Mental Health as a postdoctoral fellow in February 2011. Her research takes place in the laboratory of Dr. Catharine Winstanley, Department of Psychology, and aims to better understand the neurobiology of cognitive symptoms in psychiatric illnesses, with particular focus on the effects of chronic lithium treatment on impulse control.

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