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The Psychotherapy Program is an academic program within the Department of Psychiatry at UBC. Its 80+ academic and clinical faculty members are engaged in teaching, research, and clinical activities in many clinics, hospitals, and private offices in the Greater Vancouver area and throughout the province of BC. The Program promotes a broad-based approach to the psychotherapies encompassing different modalities (e.g., individual, couple, family, group), structures (e.g., short-term, long-term, time-limited), and theoretical orientations (e.g., psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, interpersonal).

The Psychotherapy Program does not have a formal undergraduate teaching mandate. However, members of the Program engage in a variety of undergraduate teaching activities. These include serving as a) tutors for CBL blocks in the medical undergraduate program; b) clinical skills instructors in the medical undergraduate program; c) supervisors of medical student interns during clinical rotations; and d) supervisors of research projects undertaken by undergraduate students.

The Psychotherapy Program is dedicated to developing highly skilled psychiatrists who are able to practice a variety of psychotherapies with patients who suffer from the full range of psychiatric disorders. Psychiatry residents who graduate from our Program will have developed a broad range of competencies that will enable them to effectively meet the challenges faced by psychiatrists in everyday clinical practice. A more detailed description of our training program can be found on the UBC Psychotherapy Program web site. Inquiries regarding resident psychotherapy training should be directed to Dr. Auby Axler, Associate Program Director.

Continuing Education
In order to serve the broader community of mental health clinicians, the Psychotherapy Program hosts a number of different CE events that focus on advancing knowledge and clinical expertise related to different patient problems and populations, as well as different training issues. Check out the News and Events section on the UBC Psychotherapy Program web site for information about the latest event

Members of the Psychotherapy Program conduct state-of-the-art research, focusing on a wide variety of psychotherapeutic approaches, in order to advance the effective and efficient practice of psychotherapy. We utilize a variety of research methodologies, including randomized controlled trials, process analyses, comprehensive case examinations, and qualitative analyses. A diverse array of psychotherapies that represent different theoretical orientations (e.g., psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural, interpersonal) and treatment formats (e.g., individual, group, partial hospitalization) are studied. To learn more about our research, please visit the UBC Psychotherapy Program web site.

The Psychotherapy Program does not operate a clinical service. However, it is engaged in a variety of activities that help advance psychotherapy service provision. These include the development of specialized resources for clinicians and members of the public, as well as consultation to community mental health clinicians and programs regarding service provision and psychotherapy supervision. Furthermore, various members of the Program provide independent psychotherapy services. A list of these service providers can be found on the UBC Psychotherapy Program web site.