The UBC Department of Psychiatry aspires to be a global leader at forefront of discovery, clinical care, and education in the neurosciences and mental health. Transforming mental health care will require the application of multidimensional approaches to not only foster learning, productivity and innovation, but to be able to respond deftly to the novel opportunities and challenges that will arise in the shifting landscape of mental health and addictions, both today and tomorrow.

The new Strategic Plan for 2020-2025 has streamlined its focus to the four strategic pillars of Research, Education, People and Partnerships, which are interconnected and serve as the focal points for the overarching goals, specific objectives and actions outlined in the pages to follow.

The next five years hold promise of an exciting and dynamic phase of growth and transformation for the Department. We will build upon the established groundwork as we seek out and capitalize on potential areas of growth and expansion, while also addressing new challenges such as COVID-19, and tackling systemic obstacles that exist in across the Department, UBC and our broader communities.



To transform care for people with mental disorders and addictions through innovations in research, education and partnerships.



The UBC Department of Psychiatry is committed to realizing its Vision by investing in the people and the infrastructure that will drive cutting-edge research programs and knowledge creation, which will translate into life-changing clinical care for our ever-growing populations suffering from mental illnesses and addictions in BC and across Canada.



Overarching Goal:      Global excellence in translational research and innovation

  • Enhance global presence and profile of the Department
  • Attract and retain top research talent to the Department
  • Expand research capacity and infrastructure
  • Enhance global presence and profile of the Department

Overarching Goal:     Achieving higher standards of quality in Psychiatry education

    • To provide high quality psychiatry training and graduate asufficient number of psychiatrists to meet societal need
    • Enrich learning opportunities for Department members

Overarching Goal:     Support Department members in reaching their highest potential

    • Promote greater Department member engagement
    • Promote greater equity, diversity, anti-racism and inclusion in the Department
    • Connect members through enhanced communications                                                         

Overarching Goal:     Build strong cooperative relationships with strategic partners

    • Elevate our role in policymaking through strategic partnerships
    • Expand and leverage our partnerships to enhance our impact

Downloadable version of the Strategic Plan coming soon