Undergraduate Medical Education Programs

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The UBC MD Undergraduate Program is committed to educating the next generation of leaders in medicine within respectful learning environments, enriched by diversity and focused on clinical excellence combined with compassionate care for all BC communities.

The UBC MD Undergraduate Program

The UBC Doctor of Medicine (MD) Undergraduate Program is a four-year program, of which psychiatry education is an integral component. Undergraduate medical students will be introduced to fundamental concepts, as well as gain core experience, in general psychiatry and its areas of specialization.

Prospective applicants who are interested in the UBC MD Undergraduate Program are encouraged to visit the FoM General Information and Admissions page. Current undergraduate M.D. students seeking general information and services should visit the FoM Current Learners page.

Students are exposed to the introductory concepts of Psychiatry and case-based presentations and clinical settings in Foundations of Medical Practice and Transition into Clinical Education

Students also have the opportunity to pursue psychiatry-related projects as part of the Foundations of Scholarship and Flexible Enhanced Learning.

Students attend a six-week rotation through the Brain and Body Block, interacting with adult and child patients under the supervision of psychiatrists.

Students will learn to complete a diagnostic evaluation and formulate an appropriate treatment plan for patients presenting with mental health concerns.

Students have the opportunity to undertake two- or four-week electives in a wide range of clinical settings.

Visiting students from approved universities are welcome to enroll in a psychiatry elective in their final years of medical school. Please refer to the Visiting Student Elective Program.

Psychiatry Summer Immersion Program

Led by Dr. Clare Beasley, this is a 2-day immersive course in psychiatry at the main University campus with selected activities throughout our distributed sites. The course is open to UBC first-year medical undergraduate students. The program provides opportunities to explore the field of psychiatry and engage with psychiatrists and psychiatry residents through interactive sessions and clinical observership placements.

The next Psychiatry Summer Immersion Program will take place from Monday – Tuesday, June 3-4, 2024.

** The application period for the 2024 Psychiatry Summer Immersion Program is now closed. **

For more information, please contact our Project Manager.

Right Psych Podcast

A podcast series by our medical undergraduates highlighting the wide range of clinical activities offered by Psychiatry.

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