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The UBC Department of Psychiatry provides a world class environment to inspire and support academic and clinical researchers.

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Statistical Courses & Support

The Applied Statistics & Data Group (ASDa)

The Applied Statistics and Data Science Group (ASDa) within the UBC Department of Statistics is a general statistical consulting and research collaboration unit offering statistical expertise to UBC-affiliated faculty and students, as well as to off-campus clients. ASDa (previously known as SCARL, the Statistical Consulting and Research Lab) has supported clients from various different disciplines at UBC ever since the formation of the Department of Statistics in 1983. They provide several different types of services, including: 

  • Assisting the statistical formulation of research questions 
  • Creating study designs or conducting sample size calculations 
  • Planning and justifying statistical methodology for studies 
  • Performing statistical analyses and interpreting the final results 
  • Developing publication-ready graphics and visualizations 
  • Offering statistics and research education seminars and workshops to departments 

ASDa and Other Statistical Support

If you’re seeking statistical support, there are several different opportunities and resources available to you from ASDa throughout each academic year, such as: 

If you’d like to learn more about the services that ASDa provides, please visit the ASDa website or contact them directly at

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