Clinical Faculty Appointment Overview & Eligibility

UBC recognizes that Clinical Faculty members make significant contributions in the education of undergraduate students, graduate students, postgraduate students, residents and fellows and often make contributions to research and academic administration at UBC.

Clinical faculty are:

  • Part-time faculty in the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and in the School of Nursing who have some special professional skill or learning of value to the University but who are primarily engaged in the practice of their professions outside the University
  • Allocated clinical teaching duties, for which they would be considered as an independent contractor, i.e. they are an appointee (but not an employee) of the University
  • Occasionally perform an administrative role for the University, which would normally require them to be an employee of the University
  • Not members of the Faculty Association

Clinical Faculty appointments are required because:

  • Those who teach and assess UBC learners must hold a faculty appointment in order to meet FoM accreditation standards
  • Clinical faculty are covered by UBC insurance, thereby avoiding potential liability issues for both the individual and UBC
  • For individuals teaching in the MD programs, the UBC FoM Clinical Faculty Compensation Terms for Teaching in the MD Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs establish a contractual relationship for teaching
  • Clinical Faculty members are assigned a UBC ID number, which is required for individuals to have teaching in the MD Undergraduate Medical Education Program tracked in the Teaching Tracking Payment System (TTPS) and, if eligible, to receive compensation

Appointment Eligibility

  • Eligible individuals are clinicians governed by the Health Professions Act, currently practicing in their profession, and are licensed and in good standing with their respective British Columbia College.
  • Individuals not governed by the Health Professions Act may be appointed at the discretion of the Department if they perform activities that support the delivery of patient care, or if they are public health practitioners whose work focuses on improving or sustaining the health of the population. A BC Health Authority or other public agency normally directly or indirectly funds their positions.  They are members in good standing with their respective professional organizations.
  • At this time, only individuals who hold an open work permit, a work permit that includes a UBC appointment, or have permanent resident status are eligible to hold a UBC clinical faculty appointment. Those who hold a work permit naming solely the Health Authority as their employer are not eligible.

Clinical Faculty Ranks

Clinical Instructor

Clinical Assistant Professor

Clinical Associate Professor

Clinical Professor

For further information on UBC FoM Clinical Faculty Appointments, please refer to:

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