David Kealy

David Kealy

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, UBC
Program: Psychotherapy

UBC Institute of Mental Health

UBC Men’s Health Research Program


Email: david.kealy@ubc.ca

Short Biography

Dr. David Kealy is an Assistant Professor with the Psychotherapy Program and the Institute of Mental Health. Dr. Kealy has a background in social work and public mental health service, previously holding a clinical leadership position at one of the largest community outpatient psychotherapy programs in British Columbia. He provides teaching and clinical supervision in the Psychotherapy Program, and maintains an active consultation and psychotherapy practice.

Research Focus

His program of research encompasses the process and outcome of psychotherapy, along with many of the issues that bring people to seek psychotherapy. Such issues include concerns in areas of identity and self-concept, emotion regulation, and interpersonal relatedness. His psychotherapy research is focused on factors that influence therapy process and outcome, particularly in the treatment of individuals with personality disorders, multiple clinical or social difficulties, and histories of traumatic experience. The ultimate aim of such work is to support integrative and personalized approaches to treatment, as well as preventive and accessible interventions.


Significant Accomplishments & Professional Contribution

His work has been recognized by early-career research awards from the Western Psychological Association and the Society for Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration, and he is currently a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar.