Psychiatry Summer Immersion Program




If you are a first year medical undergraduate student at a Canadian university and are considering a career in psychiatry, the Psychiatry Summer Immersion Program was created for you! The program provides an opportunity to explore the field of psychiatry and engage with psychiatrists and psychiatry residents through interactive sessions and clinical observership placements. The three-day program is held after the academic year end for first year medical students.

The program is based in Vancouver, BC and includes distributed sites (Kelowna, Prince George, Victoria) where possible, depending on demand. Interactive sessions are video-conferenced to/from Vancouver and participating distributed sites. Clinical placements take place at various sites in Metro Vancouver and at participating sites throughout BC.

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Update on 2020 and 2021 Psychiatry Summer Immersion Programs

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the regular 2020 and 2021 PSIP programs were cancelled. However, PSIP went virtual!

Psychiatry Careers Night: Rather than our usual Immersion Program, PSIP went virtual with a Psychiatry Careers Night in 2020 and 2021. The Careers Nights were live panel discussions held via Zoom where students were provided with an opportunity to ask burning questions on what life is like as a psychiatrist.

2020: The event took place on June 11, 2020. Our thanks to panelists Dr. Marilyn Champagne, Dr. Kent Comeau, and Dr. Ethan Reiner (PGY3), and to host Keenan Klassen (Class of 2022).

2021: The event took place on June 10, 2021. Our thanks to panelists Dr. Colleen Northcott, Dr. Kent Comeau, and Dr. Ethan Reiner (PGY4), and to host Mirna Hennawy (Class of 2022).


Announcing the launch of The Right Psych podcast!

Are you a medical student who is curious about a career in psychiatry? If so, tune into the podcast series The Right Psych! This podcast series features undergraduate medical students interviewing psychiatrists from a diverse array of subspecialties to explore the enormous breadth of practice in this exciting and evolving field of medicine. Discover what could be the Right Psych for you!

Should you have any questions regarding future 2020 Careers Nights or The Right Psych podcast series, please contact Dr. Clare Beasley at



Perspectives on the 2019 Psychiatry Summer Immersion Program

“Great program!! Before I was undecided if I wanted to pursue [psychiatry] but now I have it as top 2 on my list. All the faculty, staff, and residents were so passionate.”

Comments such as this make running the Psychiatry Summer Immersion Program worthwhile. The second year of the Immersion Program took place from June 10-12, 2019 in Vancouver and at distributed sites in Victoria and Kelowna. Over the three days of the program, 20 Year 1 UBC medical undergraduate students engaged with faculty psychiatrists in a wide variety of subspecialties through half-day interactive talk sessions and half-day shadowing experiences.

Students listened to faculty share personal stories of how and why they chose psychiatry as a career, the particulars of their subspecialties, as well as hot topics like mindfulness, the future of hallucinogens as treatment, and cannabis in psychiatry. Shadowing proved a highlight for many. Each day, students were assigned to shadow different psychiatrists in a wide variety of subspecialties in diverse settings throughout BC.

“I didn’t know all of the different ways in which a person can practice psychiatry. Seeing the different subspecialties like sexual medicine and consultation liaison definitely opened my mind to areas of psychiatry I would be interested in.”

Students were also provided an opportunity to interact with psychiatry residents. Students not only learned about the residents’ own career paths to psychiatry, but also gained valuable insights and advice on their own medical education and training. As with our inaugural program last year, 100% of participants that responded rated the program as ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ worthwhile.

“I want to thank . . . the lecturers and those who offered shadowing opportunities for providing their time and fostering an interest in psychiatry. I had an amazing experience, and I wish more students in the future will be able to use this experience to help explore their interests in psychiatric medicine.”

Students listening to a talk video-conferenced from Kelowna site

All comments are anonymous and have been used with permission granted by students in the program evaluation survey.