Andrew Clarke


Professional Affiliations and other Positions

Executive Director of the Physician Health Program at the Doctors of BC

Research and Interests

Dr. Clarke’s research interests are the social psychology of the workplace, and in particular the occupational aspects of mental health.


Selected Publications

1. Busse JW, Dolinschi R, Clarke A et al. Attitudes towards disability management: A survey of employees returning to work and their supervisors. Work: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment and Rehabilitation 2011; 40: 143–51.

2. Frank E, Oberg E, Segura C, Clarke A, Shen H. The physical and mental health status and health practices of physicians in British Columbia. BC Medical Journal 2010; 52: 349–55.

3. Pransky GS, Shaw WS, Franche RL, Clarke A. Disability prevention and communication among workers, physicians, employers, and insurers—current models and opportunities for improvement. Disability & Rehabilitation 2004; 26: 625–634.