David Kealy



Dr. David Kealy is an Assistant Professor in the Psychotherapy Program, in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia.  With a background in social work and public mental health service, focusing on psychotherapy and personality disorders, Dr. Kealy previously held a clinical leadership position at one of the largest community outpatient psychotherapy programs in British Columbia.  His research interests include the intersection of identity and relatedness in personality syndromes such as pathological narcissism, the treatment of personality disorders, and the processes involved in group and individual psychotherapies.  Dr. Kealy teaches psychotherapy to psychiatry residents and provides continuing education workshops to the wider community of mental health professionals.


Selected Publications

Kealy, D., Joyce, A. S., Abbass, A. A., Oliffe, J. L., & Ogrodniczuk, J. S.  (2015).  Childhood traumas among men attending outpatient psychiatric services.  International Journal of Mental Health & Addiction (online ahead of print)

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