Fidel Vila-Rodriguez


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2255 Wesbrook Mall

Research and Interests

As a Clinician-Scientist, I have a strong interest in conducting translational research that bridges our understanding on the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders with the clinical applications of this knowledge. My clinical practice is actively focused in those most severely afflicted by such conditions, and my research interests are directed at finding novel therapeutic interventions within Non-Invasive Neurostimulation Therapies (NINETs) that can help mitigate the suffering of those with severe and refractory forms of psychosis and depression. I strongly believe that understanding NINETs’ mechanism(s) of action is a critical step towards translating research knowledge to clinical practice. More important, translating that knowledge to clinical practice will have a direct, immediate, and positive impact on the life’s of those who struggle and suffer the most devastating forms of mental illness and their families.

In the lab we actively investigate on all forms of NINET and we use a varied number of neurophysiological tools to research on biomarkers. The lab is also the only centre in Canada to host both simultaneous TMS-fMRI and tDCS-fMRI capability.

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Selected Publications

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