Kelly Price


Contact info

Ministry of Children & Family Development
2nd Floor – 777 Broughton Street
Victoria , V8W 9S1

Research and Interests

Pediatric neuropsychology, autism



Clinical Psychology Leader, VIHA Child, Youth and Family Health


Selected Publications

Price, K. J., Edgell, D., & Kerns, K. A. (2012).  Timing deficits are implicated in motor dysfunction in Asperger Syndrome. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 6 (2), 857-860. / Price, K. J., Shiffrar, M., & Kerns, K. A. (2012).  Movement perception and movement production in Asperger’s Syndrome. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 6 (1), 391-398. / Price, K. J., Joschko, M., & Kerns, K. (2003).  The ecological validity of pediatric neuropsychological tests of attention.  The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 17 (2), 170-181. / Kerns, K. A., & Price, K. J. (2001).  An investigation of prospective memory in children with ADHD. Child Neuropsychology, 7 (3), 162-171.

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